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Radial Gaze remix of 'San Sebastian' is a proper industrial warehouse anthem

Posted on 02 Dec 2021

Having previously released on Eskimo with Middle Sky Boom, Eliezer teams up with fellow Tel Aviv producer Asaf Sanzer, aka Rina, on new track 'San Sebastian'. Recalling the likes of Red Axes and Curses ‘San Sebastian’ filters Middle Eastern melodies through post punk, house, disco and techno to create a track that could equally soundtrack a beach party in Tel Aviv or a Goth basement club in Leeds. 

Complementing the original are remixes from recent Eskimo signings Radial Gaze and Tel Aviv producers Jenia Tarsol, Asaf Samuel and Uriah Klapter. Russian duo Radial Gaze turned heads with their dark, EBM inspired single 'Totem Echoes' and will keep them spinning with their remix of 'San Sebastian'. Whilst staying true to the original’s vibe, Radial Gaze take the track down the gym, get its pump on and slathers its new muscles in oil, all the better to flex them in the strobe lights of some sleazy, industrial warehouse.

Heading back to Tel Aviv producers Jenia Tarsol, Asaf Samuel and Uriah Klapter strip things back and turn the track into a dark, pulsing techno number. Rapid fire synth arpeggios and snippets of vocals weave in and out of cavernous percussion and short burst of euphoric synths, as a relentless 4/4 beat drives the track on and on. Music to lose yourself to in the small hours as the sweat drips from the ceiling and a room full of bodies moves as one.