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'Huldra' announces Cavego's 'Dovregubben' EP

A fast rising star within Norway's cosmic-disco scene, Bergen producer Even Hymer Gillebo aka Cavego returns to Eskimo Recordings with 'Huldra'. Named after a seductive Scandinavian forest spirit 'Huldra' adds soft diaphanous wordless chants to the mix capturing the golden haired creature's seductive cries to produce a truly magical, if eerie, song. Posted on 20 May 2020

Norway disco star Cavego returns with 'Rask Gange'

A fast rising star within Norway's cosmic-disco scene, Bergen producer Even Hymer Gillebo aka Cavego returns to Eskimo Recordings with 'Rask Gange'. A deep bubbling bass line, crystalline melodies and a driving disco beat perfectly captures the euphoria of speeding through the frozen landscape atop a snow-mobile, the sun rising above the horizon its rays catching and illuminating the snowflakes... Read more Posted on 29 Apr 2020

NTEIBINT & Matina Sous Peau go 'Back To The Roots Of Love'

'Back to the Roots of Love’ sees label veteran NTEIBINT join forces with singer, and fellow Athenian, Matina Sous Peau. Well known for his sumptuous reinterpretation of classic disco sounds, 'Back to the Roots of Love' sees NTEIBINT widen his sonic palette, the result a stunning number that combines pop, R&B and disco sounds with the jazzier end of 90s Broken Beat and House music.  Posted on 17 Apr 2020

Satin Jackets returns with brightly optimistic 'I'm With It'

Tim Bernhardt, AKA Satin Jackets, returns in March with his first proper single of 2020, the brightly optimistic 'I'm With It' featuring American singer, songwriter Metaxas. Posted on 20 Mar 2020
The White Collection, out April 3rd 2020

Eskimo Recordings presents The White Collection

As it enters its 20th year of existence Belgian label Eskimo Recordings shows no sign of slowing down or scaling back its ambition. Posted on 05 Feb 2020